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A view through a Rose Cottage window

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The Literary locations show the areas of the country that Elizabeth lived in and wrote about.
The Ely Gallery is a set of photographs taken on a visit to Ely, Elizabeth’s home of homes.

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This picture was kindly donated by Sylvia Gower. It was given to her by Andrew Harwood and shows Elizabeth Goudge seated on Froniga’s Well in her Garden at Rose Cottage

Goudge Talk

Goudge Talk is the part of the site where you the visitors and readers can have your say and ask questions on Elizabeth’s work. We are always looking for short articles on Elizabeth, and if you have visited somewhere that Elizabeth wrote about we would love to share your experience and thoughts. Photographs are welcome too. Please send as an attachment to your email.

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This site is being set up and run with the help and cooperation of some of the people who have grown to love the talented shy author of a collection of literary gems, most of which go unnoticed by the mass of society today. This she would accept with a humble gratitude, content with the success she achieved in her lifetime

“This site has been established with the support of the Trustees of Elizabeth’s Estate.  The content of the site is, however, the sole responsibility of its contributors.”  Mark Dutton

I hope that this site will to a large extent, be fan based and led.  Let me have any ideas that you have about what you would like to see on this site.
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