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A Rose Cottage Interior

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July 22nd.

High summer, and one of Elizabeth’s novels beckons like a hammock slung in the shade.

So many to choose from. Will you accompany her over the heather of a Scottish mountain, gaze upon the ruins of a castle reflected in a loch? Or would you prefer the blue and purple of the sea beside the rugged cliffs of Pembrokeshire, rowing into bays to hear the seals sing?

Maybe a green shade is your desire, seen from the heat and bustle of the modern world that is your daily grind. A garden in sight of the sea, marshes and mewling of gulls, that tang of estuary life. Mature trees in a walled garden and the murmur of conversation echoing the surge of the waves.

I think it’s time I spent some time down “in the sea marshes of Hampshire” with a long suffering grandmother that I know. I’ll have David’s old room, which “looked east across a level stretch of feathery rushes to The Estuary and The Island.        It was very small, built out over the porch in the eighteenth century style, and in cold weather could be very cold indeed”
Goudge 1940 The bird in the Tree p103

However you plan to spend your summer, find time to explore a little of Elizabeth’s best loved countryside, inside the pages of her wonderful books.

Deborah Gaudin






This picture was kindly donated by
Sylvia Gower. It was given to her by Andrew Harwood and  shows Elizabeth Goudge
seated on Froniga's Well in her Garden
at Rose Cottage

'Guest Article  
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The months Guest Article is taken from a BBC interview which Elizabeth gave in 1974.

I would like to thank all those kind people who continue to support the web site, making it possible to tell others about the work of this remarkable author, who continues to speak to us and the generations that follow.

Deborah Gaudin

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Goudge Talk is the part of site where you the visitors and readers can have your say and ask questions on Elizabeth's work. We are always looking for short articles on Elizabeth, and if you have visited somewhere that Elizabeth wrote about we would love to share your experience and thoughts. Photographs are welcome too. Please send as an attachment to your email.

Watch out for new articles in future months.

Please revisit this site for current updates and work in progress.

If you wish to contact me direct e-mail to me on:


This site is being set up and run with the help and cooperation of some of the people who have grown to love the talented shy author of a collection of literary gems, most of which go unnoticed by the mass of society today. This she would accept with a humble gratitude, content with the success she achieved in her lifetime.

“This site has been established with the support of the Trustees of Elizabeth's Estate.  The content of the site is, however, the sole responsibility of its contributors.”  Mark Dutton.

I hope that this site will to a large extent, be fan based and led.  Let me have any ideas that you have about what you would like to see on this site.


A glimpse through a window revealing a Rose Cottage interior.

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