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Audio Books

Thank you for preparing this website. I surprised myself by bursting into tears

when I found it.

I grew up on Elizabeth Goudge books and still have many of them. However, my

eyes are such now that I listen more to books than I do to direct reading. I

also enjoy sitting and sewing (with a magnifying glass and strong light) as I

Listen. Housework etc is almost delightful if one can listen while one sweeps.

I now live with my husband in Texas but visit England at least once a year to

see my 96-year-old mother, plus various family members.

Is there any way, that I can help persuade publishers to produce Elizabeth

Goudge's books on an audible format? I have a good reading voice myself but I

don't have the audio equipment to produce MP3ís or similar, given the permission.

I have noticed that some of the books are coming out on cd. I no-longer have or

use a tape recorder and would prefer MP3, but cd is acceptable.

Thank you for listening.

Thank you again for your web site. I could not download the guest article of

the month. How do I do that?

God bless you.

Beryl D.

(Dr. Beryl A. Dunsmoir)


Dear Dr Dunsmoir,

Thank you so much for your moving email. I am so pleased that the web site gave you some pleasure. I'm not sure why you can't get the Article of the Month. you should be able to access it by double clicking the Guest Article button on the left hand side of the front page. If you still can't reach it, I will email you a copy.

Your other question is very interesting. I only know of one Goudge book on cd and that is The Little White Horse that the bbc bought out a few years ago, Miriam Margoyles is the reader.

After contacting the Estate I'm sorry to say that at present there are no plans to bring out any more of Elizabeth's books on tape. Although the talking library for the blind do have several of her works.

thank you for sharing your memories.

regards Deborah ( Gaudin)


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