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I grew up reading and loving Elizabeth Goudge’s many books. I loved “A Child from the Sea,” “The Middle Window,” and all of the books featuring the Eliot family. I have been able to acquire a few of these titles to add to my personal library, and I am always looking out for more.

I came upon your site when I was searching for audio book versions of Ms. Goudge’s works, and while I have yet to find any of these, I was pleased to find your site with its interesting sections including photos, biographical information, and readers’ commentary.

So, at your invitation, and as a reader of both Ms. Goudge and of the numerous Harry Potter books, may I point out that on the website the author of the Harry Potter books is incorrectly mentioned as “J. K. Rowlings” ? I believe there is no “s” in the surname.

I was delighted to read that as a child Ms. Rowling had read and been influenced by the work of Ms. Goudge,  what a lovely (and logical) connection between two marvellously gifted storytellers.

I look forward to visiting your site again and seeing additional details about the life and work of Elizabeth Goudge.

With my thanks and best wishes,

Rebecca Thornburn

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