Lady Chapel Ely Cathedral

Lady Chapel Ely Cathedral

Hello Deborah

I have just been reading your account of a visit you made to Ely in 2006.  Towards the end of the piece, you comment on the fact that Elizabeth makes no mention of the Lady Chapel in her writings.  I think I know the reason for this.

Until some time in the past 50 years, what is now the Cathedral’s Lady Chapel served as the parish church of Holy Trinity, Ely.  During our time in the town (from summer 1990 until 1995), there was at least one couple who came to services in the Cathedral who had previously been members of the Holy Trinity congregation.  They were then in their early 60s, so the change must have happened since World War II.

I’ve tried to find a date via Google. ‘Holy Trinity Church Ely’ produces a number of matches and confirms that the Lady Chapel served as a Church for many years, but a quick check hasn’t confirmed when the change happened.  However, it must have been well after Elizabeth’s time in Ely.

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