Miss Ada Gillespie

Miss Ada Gillespie
Where did she go?
sent in by Vanessa

Good Afternoon,


Thank you so much for your website. Ever since I stumbled upon Elizabeth Goudge’s books I have been entranced…

The latest book I am reading is A Pedlar’s Pack which has a excerpt called the Shepherd and Shepherdess which features a Miss Ada Gillespie. I searched the internet to find out if there was a book that is about her, but I didn’t find out anything. Can you tell me if Miss Ada is a character in one of Elizabeth Goudge’s other books? I would love to read the whole story.


Thank you for your time,


Dear Vanessa,

I don’t have a copy of A Pedlar’s Pack one of the few Goudge books I haven’t got. But I have read of Miss Ada Gillespie in White Wings another of Elizabeth’s collection of short stories. I know of no other book that this character appears in. Perhaps she was a prototype of future people such as Margaret in The Eliots or Daphne in The Rosemary Tree.

Elizabeth certainly admired the family “aunts” who descended on a house in the time of illness or trouble.

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