Audio Books

Audio Books
An often asked Question

Many years ago I found the White Witch in a thrift shop. I have read it many times. I am reading it right now.

I love the Dean’s Watch, Gentian Hill, Tower’s in the Mist, and the Scent of Water. I own 11 of her books.

They are treasures. I enjoy older books, that have real heartfelt stories. Books that can be read that leave a person feeling clean and blessed.

I have recently found The Rosemary Tree on tape. Haven’t had time to listen to it yet. I am interested to know of the availability of audio books by E G.

Sincerely Nancy

This is a question I am frequently asked but as yet only The Little White Horse read by Miriam Margoles, produced by the BBC has been released.



  1. I have been a follower of Elizabeth Goudge for years. I think I have most of her books, but now I am older I would love to have audio versions.

  2. I have been reading her books for over 50 years and love them all. I would dearly love to have audio books, especially the ones about the Eliot family – I want to hear Damerosehay pronounced properly – but really all of them. The Scent of Water has always been my favorite – probably because it was the first one I read. Then The Middle Window. Then….well, ALL of them. (except the children’s books, most of which I have not read)
    I re-read her books regularly, but having audibooks would make it easier because I could listen even when tending to chores!

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