Seeking Lucy

Dear Deborah
I have just been researching Elizabeth today (after receiving our 2nd hand copy of The Child from The Sea that our son posted to us in Australia from UK on our request).
We also received the book that Elizabeth used for historical research from Lord George Scott – descendent of Lucy – Lucy Walters Wife or Mistress.
It has been a long path that started some years ago when I took my father’s ashes to rest with his mother’s (she had died shortly after he was born and he was extremely close to her all his life). I did some research when I was in the town library which uncovered the house name of my grandmother’s (Lucy Waters) house when my father arrived. This then led me back to Roch Castle and slowly more and more of this incredible history.

I did travel to England last year and travelled in Wales and it was very emotional as I traced my grandmother’s life and yet I didn’t get back far in records to see whether we are related to Lucy of old. However, I have felt very strongly drawn to continue discovering as much as I can – and have read a good deal online about these histories (that could be my family history). Then today I started reading Elizabeth’s very spiritually focused ‘romantic novel’ – I just started somewhere in its middle to get a taste – after reading a larger portion of about 4 chapters of Lord Scott’s book, and I was immediately captured by how deeply Elizabeth had tapped in to Lucy’s spirit to document this account.
The little I know about Elizabeth this far (from researching a bit today) has shown me that she has likely been able to intuit Lucy’s story and thus continue in the intention of Lord Scott’s to redeem her maligned character and thus bring light and comfort to this family – and Lucy herself.
I’m very deeply grateful to her for this and only wish I had known what I know now – back in the seventies and early eighties when Elizabeth was still with us in person.
When I have read the books through I will write again
Fiona McAllan

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