Quality Reprints

Hodder & Stoughton have reprinted the best selling of Elizabeth Goudge’s novels, including the Eliot Triology.

Well worth a look.




  1. Dear dear Everyone!

    I read E G slowly. Always have.

    Am at Chapter 13 of the Scent…
    I never ever ever thought could find a second book in which the characters would be a believable and inspiring as Green Dolphin. …
    and The Dean’s Watch.

    EG does my head in!. Sorry for the coloquial. …but my goodness her ability leaves me breathless.

    Is it my imagination or wishful thinking that has me wondering if Mary…not only assists herself in terms of depth of sufferinG by allowing others to help her; but that her presence in the village becomes an extra gift …a type of pathway for the village people to also improve the way they contact each other and their world.

    I wonder if Jonathan LeCarré learned from her.

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