News From Rose Cottage

News From Rose Cottage

We are the current owners – having purchased the cottage some 8 years ago from Jessie. The gardens were already beginning to become overgrown and the cottage was desperately in need of renovation and repair.

We have been ‘ lovingly ‘ restoring the cottage to its original features but have added an extension to give us the comforts of modern living. Regrettably, this means the well has been built over and some of the garden. From the front – the garage was built in Elizabeth’s day and we have simply joined it to the house with a single storey extension. During this period the gardens have become severely neglected but we spent last autumn working on them and continue what will be quite a lot of work to restore them to their former glory. The hedge will be cut much lower and we are re-instating the original entrance to the front of the cottage which was lost during Elizabeth & Jessie’s time.

The golf course we can do nothing about I’m afraid but it does save us from the inevitable development that surrounds many areas these days.

I hope those that attend the Blue Plaque Ceremony in April will be able to report that Rose Cottage is in good hands. I do appreciate that there is little , if any recognition , of Elizabeth’s time in the Henley area but we hope that the Blue Plaque, which will face on to what is a much used public right of way/bridle path, will help to raise her profile. We certainly do our bit in that region and I know that many of the people living in Peppard are aware of and remember both Elizabeth and Jessie.

Karen & Ken.

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