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I have been a fan of Elizabeth Goudge’s since the age of sixteen when my mother gave me “Island magic” translated in French as “L’arche dans la temp’te”.
I’ve got nearly all her books either in French or in English,and have lent them to a lot of persons.
I am now 58, and they had been constant friends to me for I often re-read them especially when I needed comfort.
I still do for the  pleasure of finding again her enchanted worlds.
I was delighted to find your site and hear that she is still loved and admired.
I’ve recently heard that some of her books are reprinted in French, e.g. “Gentian Hill”, (la Colline aux gentianes)
Her works deserve to be better known for they have a real literary value.
She was more than a popular storyteller.
Thanks for your interesting site.
Josie Natalis from Li’ge


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