Tea With Elizabeth

Dear Deborah,

I will return to your EG site but wanted to write back to you asap (I am getting ready to go visit my father in another county) before I have looked up your links. I am assuming Sylvia Gower is one. There is also a professor in Newburgh NY who loves Miss Goudge

At a later date I would be delighted to write something more about my correspondence with Miss Goudge, and our afternoon tea at Rose Cottage in May, 1973

Until we went out in her garden and sat on “Pen’s” well I had no idea that Rose Cottage was the setting for “The White Witch.” Miss Goudge also had the little wall cupboard with “the little things,” from, “The Scent of Water.”

I still have the sprigs of rosemary Miss Goudge picked for us from her rosemary bush. She also gave my then 6-year-old daughter Carrington a primitive little wooden handmade doll from a doll house a friend had given her.

So nice to meet you!


PS All through my life Miss Goudge seems to have brought me serendipity, even after her death.

Dear Priscilla,

Thank-you so much for contacting me, and I’m glad that you’ve visited the site. If you go to Goudge Links one of the left hand buttons you will find a page of my favourite Goudge links and you are one of them.

It was your piece about visiting Elizabeth that I first found about 10 years ago when I started to seriously use the inter net and computers.

I would love you to write a piece for the site and anything that you remember about that remarkable meeting would be wonderful. Did you correspond with Elizabeth before you met?

We had a great day at Rose Cottage back in April when the Blue Plaque was put up, but by then the cottage had been extensively renovated and it’s difficult to visualise what it would have been like when Jessie & Elizabeth lived there.

Do you have any more photographs you would be willing to share?

I look forward to hearing from you again.


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