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Having never read it as a child I am very keen to read The Little White Horse. All the currently available copies seem to be reprints of a revised edition in 1988. Do you know if the 1988 revision drastically altered the text (I’m not too worried about illustrations) of the 1946 original?

Many thanks in advance.

Lisa Cardy

Dear Lisa

The only copies of The Little White Horse that I have read are the Puffin paperback, my first introduction in the 70’s and the 1946 hardback I acquired in my mid twenties. Both these were the same text

But I haven’t read the 1988 revised edition, who published it Christchurch? I will post your letter on February’s Goudge talk and see if any other reader knows the answer.

Dear Deborah

Thank you for your reply.

The edition I’ve just bought is by Lion Publishing plc; New edition (3 Jul 2000). After two house moves, I lost my copy (this edition) of “The Little white horse”, and bought a modern replacement copy without checking the publication details. I read it, and was so disappointed – it seemed so flat and as if something was missing. Was it me? had I finally grown out of it after so many years and readings? Then – I checked the publication details; a REVISED edition! revised all the magic out. This is a wonderful story as originally written , but beware “revisions”. So 4 stars for the original and loud boos for any so-called revision

So, I went back and checked the publishing details of the Lion Publishing plc book I’ve just bought and it does mention a revised 1988 edition. I’m reluctant to read the book I’ve just bought as I want to read the original. I’ve been in touch with the publisher to try and find out what the difference is but haven’t had a reply as yet. Any light you can shed would be most appreciated.

From Georgina Elms
( Lion Publications)

I wonder whether the person who contacted you about the revised edition was the same person that called Lion the other day? Someone bought a copy recently but was in fact after a 1946 edition. We did make a few small editorial alterations when we first purchased the publishing rights from the literary agents David Higham in 1988 – e.g. substituted references to ‘black men’ – but nothing major.


Hope This answers some of your questions Lisa.


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