Audio Books

Audio Books
An often asked Question

Many years ago I found the White Witch in a thrift shop. I have read it many times. I am reading it right now.

I love the Dean’s Watch, Gentian Hill, Tower’s in the Mist, and the Scent of Water. I own 11 of her books.

They are treasures. I enjoy older books, that have real heartfelt stories. Books that can be read that leave a person feeling clean and blessed.

I have recently found The Rosemary Tree on tape. Haven’t had time to listen to it yet. I am interested to know of the availability of audio books by E G.

Sincerely Nancy

This is a question I am frequently asked but as yet only The Little White Horse read by Miriam Margoles, produced by the BBC has been released.



  1. I am searching for an audio book or “The Dean’s Watch”. Can anyone help me?? Charlie Vail

  2. I have been a follower of Elizabeth Goudge for years. I think I have most of her books, but now I am older I would love to have audio versions.

  3. I have been reading her books for over 50 years and love them all. I would dearly love to have audio books, especially the ones about the Eliot family – I want to hear Damerosehay pronounced properly – but really all of them. The Scent of Water has always been my favorite – probably because it was the first one I read. Then The Middle Window. Then….well, ALL of them. (except the children’s books, most of which I have not read)
    I re-read her books regularly, but having audibooks would make it easier because I could listen even when tending to chores!

    • Sadly still waiting for this to happen. I would love to be the one who reads and distributes her work. But I would have to get permission from her estate and then find the time and equipment to do them justice.
      Please let us know if you do find them. Best wishes Deborah

  4. Does anyone know why they are not on audio? Or who one would make that request to?

  5. I believe some of her hooks may have been recorded on cassettes trying to find them or any audio versions

  6. There are audio versions of many of her books in the UK’s RNIB library ( available without charge for people who are sight impaired or otherwise unable to read the written word).

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