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I discovered the Elizabeth Goudge society today, much to my delight.  I read my first of her wonderful novels about 17 years ago, and every time I enter a used book store, I head immediately to the G section to see if I can find new books I have not read.

I saw the chronological list of books written by Miss Goudge on the website, but was wondering if you have a listing that puts together the books in a series.  Some of the titles I have come upon on the internet today do not indicate whether they are part of a series, and I am left to my own imagination.

Thanks for your kind care of Miss Goudge’s legacy.

Hello Kathy,

Glad you enjoyed the site, it’s been up and running for nearly two years now.

The series of books that E.G. wrote are in correct order,

The Bird In The Tree
The Herb of Grace (Pilgrim’s Inn)
The Heart of the Family
which are her Eliot novels, you can get them in one volume called The Eliots of Damerosehay

and then,

City of Bells
Henrietta’s House
Sister of Angels

all about Wells in Somerset and the same family.

Her children’s book “Make Believe” sort of follows on from her first novel “Island Magic”, at least its about the same family, based on her Mother’s, but they can be read alone, hope this answers your query, thanks for getting in touch


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